¿Cómo funcionan los Comentarios?

Comments are a new way to participate in YoReparo, which allow us to better focus our participation and exchange with those we want to exchange or who are interested in what we are going to say.

First of all How do I post comments?

This image shows: So, first we press the COMENT button of the Question, or Solution that we want to comment. Then we write the comment, and we send it.  

Who is notified of my comment?

You will be sent a Notice of your comment ONLY to:
  1. The author of the Question or Solution you are commenting on
  2. Any other participant who was participating in the same thread of comments of the Post that you commented. For example:
In this way, Comments allow us to interact ONLY with the user directly interested in what we have to say. We can direct a comment to the person who asked the question, or to anyone who has proposed a solution to request more data, or to exchange only with those people, or others who are participating in the same thread of comments.  

Why did it become so?

To be less heavy with notifications to users who may not be interested in reading them.  

What if I am interested in receiving notification of everything that happens in a question?

In this case, you need to subscribe to the Question to receive all notifications of what happens in the question. You subscribe with the icon of the star like this:  

Why comments do not have to write bold, upload pictures, calculate the square root of a number, or any other function?

The comments are intended for brief interactions with whoever wrote a Question or a Solution. They are to ask for more information, or to guide briefly who makes a query, until you get a better idea of ​​how to suggest a Solution. If you are wanting to elaborate a lot on a comment then probably the best thing you can do is to pose a solution to the problem. Do not fear if the Solution can not work as much as you want for lack of information, you can always continue Improving your solution because now both Questions and Solutions can be edited.

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